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Precision Solvents
When you’re looking for the very best in high-precision cleaning you needn’t look any further than our premium solvent range. When a product is approved and used by the air and space craft manufacturing industry for cleaning jet and rocket engines then you can rest assured it works. So when it comes to cleaning stubborn oils, greases, fluxes, adhesives, metalworking compounds, inks and resins to oxygen standard, then Swansolv removes it all. What’s more, it’s non-chlorinated and compatible with most metals, alloys, plastics and elastomers. Approved by BOC and Air Products.
Breathe easy. Introducing a cleaning product that is genuinely revolutionary. All the solvent cleaning power you’ll need but completely safe to use. GreenKlene solvents are 100% non-hazardous, have a low odour and are totally non-flammable. But the best news: they get rid of a huge variety of industrial oils, greases, paints, inks and resins.
Just what you’re after if you want a degreasing product that’s up to the task of coping with challenging industrial environments, but when you don’t want to compromise on your environmental policy. These products deliver safer solvent cleaner technology. From electronics manufacturing to the removal of oils/grime from manufactured parts before application of coatings, you win and so does planet Earth. Call us any time to get advice from our team of experts.
Aqueous Cleaners
Whatever the industrial application, allow SwanTek to deliver the most powerful, the most state of the art cleaning available. Manufacturing process, maintenance, hygiene, ultrasonic, plant and equipment – you name it, we’ll enable you to clean it. From ferrous/non-ferrous metals and alloys to enamel, glass, plastics, painted surfaces, stonework and concrete, all with non-flammable, aqueous formulations that can be diluted up to 100:1. That means safety and economy.
Introducing the complete, one-stop maintenance package for regular and deep cleaning of every type of wall, floor, washroom and hard surface. Countless hospitals, leisure centres, schools, prisons, offices and public buildings are already trusting and benefiting from SwanTek solutions. They come with the peace of mind that they have been exhaustively tested against MRSA, Staph, E coli and more (test reports available on request). And because they can be diluted up to 100:1 they are easy to store and highly economical.
Performance Lubricants
There’s simply no better protection against the corrosion, galling and seizing of metal parts than this premium range of lubricants. It will also make the assembly and disassembly of threaded and non-threaded parts hassle-free and hugely reduce running-in wear - saving you time and money, and a lot of frustration. We can also supply food grade, very high temperature and metal free lubricant options.
Bearing greases provide critical lubrication, and there are none more effective and high performance than those in the SwanTek range. Our greases are both ICI and NERPS approved, giving you the assurance of quality. Order ‘off the shelf’ or feel free to discuss any specific requirements and we’ll be happy to match a unique solution to your exact bearing grease needs.
If you operate chain/cable and open gear machinery and are looking for the ultimate lubrication to ensure protection and longevity for your investments then you should turn to SwanTek’s uniquely developed range. Our special formulations will ensure long-term performance and productivity.
When the environment and conditions are tough and demanding you need a lubricant solution that doesn’t shy away from the job. SwanTek’s very own oils and lubricants have been carefully, painstakingly designed to operate at the highest levels while subject to temperature extremes, shock loading, vibration and high speed, as well as water and chemical contamination.
Searching for a food grade lubricant that complies with food and pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing industry standards without compromising performance? Then SwanTek have the answer. Protect and preserve your machinery as well as your high standards with our unbeatable range. It’s also perfectly suited to ancillary applications such as packaging manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, public/child accessible areas and environmentally sensitive sites.
When it comes to the most demanding lubrication applications, our PFPE fluids and greases offer a performance level that’s envied and unparalleled. These completely inert, non-flammable and food-grade formulations have been approved by many leading authorities for resistance to strong acids/bases/oxidisers in the chemical manufacturing industry, with special grades approved for liquid/gaseous oxygen service.
Whatever your oil or lubricant requirements, whatever your industry or application, Shell is the name you can trust. And at SwanTek we supply literally hundreds of specifically tailored Shell solutions. But even if your preferred product isn’t listed here then we won’t leave you high and dry – we’ll source it for you.
The full range of Kluber lubricants and fluids. If your product is not listed please call and we can source it for you.
The full range of Mobil lubricants and fluids. If your product is not listed please call and we can source it for you.
The full range of Molykote lubricants and fluids. If your product is not listed please call and we can source it for you.
Engineering Solutions
Whether it’s for low temperature, high temperature, liquid/vapour phase, chemically inert or non-flammable applications, SwanTek offer the widest possible range of indirect heat transfer fluids from all the leading manufacturers. Why look anywhere else when your own exact solution is right here?
Silicone fluids that tick every single box – all right here at SwanTek. Not only are they highly inert and stable, they are non-flammable, clean and safe. Not to mention the fact that they come in a wide range of viscosities. All of which makes them suitable for many industrial applications - lubricants, sealants, barrier fluids, release agents, antifoams, waterproofing and electrical insulation.
If you need your lubrication solution convenient, small and in a can, then SwanTek can hand it to you. Literally. And with a complete range geared to a wealth of different applications you’ll find your ideal solution right here - for all types of metal or plastic mechanism, chains, cables, gears and other moving parts, and with mineral, synthetic, PTFE, silicone, or dry film lubricating action. We can even offer non-flammable propellant options.
Welcome to the engineer's complete maintenance kit. All in a handy format. Whether it’s water dispersant, penetrating oil, solvent cleaners, surface coatings, anti-static, leak detecting or a whole array of other uses, there’s an effective solution for you at SwanTek.
(For aerosol greases etc see 'Lubricant Aerosols').
Specialist sealing and adhesive products, including 'Hylomar Universal Blue'.
Convenient and consistent packaging option for any type of grease or fluid. Custom printing available. Some types available from stock - call for details. Ideal for service kits, mobile engineers, installation packages, promotional samples.
Options for measured dispensing and accurate in-line diluting of concentrated product. Reduces waste, cuts material costs, guarantees concentration and effectiveness of dilutable aqueous cleaners, increases user and environmental safety.
Miscellaneous products.