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Industrial Aqueous Cleaners
Whatever the industrial application, allow SwanTek to deliver the most powerful, the most state of the art cleaning available. Manufacturing process, maintenance, hygiene, ultrasonic, plant and equipment – you name it, we’ll enable you to clean it. From ferrous/non-ferrous metals and alloys to enamel, glass, plastics, painted surfaces, stonework and concrete, all with non-flammable, aqueous formulations that can be diluted up to 100:1. That means safety and economy.
Our champion industrial cleaner & degreaser
Powerful citrus fragrance cleaning power (perfumed - not food grade)
Solo 2000
Aluminium & alloy maintenance brightener, cleaner and degreaser
Solo Gold Mediclean
Food & pharmaceutical specification cleaner & sanitiser (passes EN1276)
Descaler and cleaner for aluminium, alloys and ferrous metals
Wash & Guard CIP
Enclosed system CIP cleaner
Solo 2050
Electronics, ceramics & plastics ultrasonic cleaning solvent