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Swansil Silicones
Silicone fluids that tick every single box all right here at SwanTek. Not only are they highly inert and stable, they are non-flammable, clean and safe. Not to mention the fact that they come in a wide range of viscosities. All of which makes them suitable for many industrial applications - lubricants, sealants, barrier fluids, release agents, antifoams, waterproofing and electrical insulation.
Swansil Silicone Fluids
For heat transfer, lubrication, release, damping and heat baths
X22 Silicone Grease
WRAS approved, non-melting silicone grease: -50C to 230C
Envirosafe Defoamer
General purpose industrial anti-foam
Silicone Remover
Chemically digests cured & uncured silicone elastomers
Swansil 10
10cSt Silicone Fluid
Swansil 20
20cSt Silicone Fluid
Swansil 100
100cSt Silicone Fluid
Swansil 200
200cSt Silicone Fluid
Swansil 350
350cSt Silicone Fluid
Swansil 1000
1000cSt Silicone Fluid