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SwanSolv Spray
Non flammable solvent spray - BOC approved

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SwanSolv is a non-flammable solvent cleaner, specially designed to meet the highest precision cleaning standards in the most challenging industrial situations.

SwanSolv is approved by many leading companies for a wide range of critical cleaning applications, and has been approved for cleaning to oxygen duty standard.


The very high solvency power of SwanSolv makes it ideal for removing heavy greases, mineral oils and synthetic metalworking fluids.

The proprietary formulation includes a special stabiliser package to protect sensitive metals, and an additional alcohol acts as a polar solvent and aids the cleaning of any ionic contamination or polar residues.

SwanSolv is an ideal alternative to banned and restricted toxic products based on n-PB (n-Propyl Bromide, 1-Bromopropane), Trichloroethylene (TCE, ‘Trike’) and other chlorinated solvents, where a lower boiling point solvent is preferred.

SwanSolv also has a short atmospheric lifetime and therefore can be used to replace environmentally hazardous Ozone Depleting and Global Warming chemicals.


• Approved by BOC for oxygen duty cleaning.
• Independently tested and passed international cleaning standard ASTM G122.
• Removes greases, mineral oils, synthetic oils, rust inhibitors, lubricants, ionic contaminants, and many other types of industrial soiling.
• A stabiliser package protects the solvent from acid breakdown, which in turn protects items from corrosion.
• Lower boiling point than other traditional cleaning solvents, making it very fast evaporating and ideal for cleaning temperature sensitive components.
• Suitable for use in both traditional open top and in modern closed/sealed vapour degreasing equipment.
• Safe to use on a wide range of metals, including aluminium and stainless steel.
• Can be used to clean light soils in a vapour only process or heavier soils in a liquid/vapour process incorporating an immersion phase. The use of ultrasonic agitation can improve cleaning results.


• Very high solvency power.
• Low boiling point.
• Low surface tension.
• Non-flammable.
• Fast dry time.
• Short process time.
• Suitable for open top equipment.

Environmental features

• Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
• Low Global Warming Potential (GWP).


• SwanSolv is approved for oxygen standard cleaning by BOC Group.

SwanSolv is available in bulk in 5L and 200L drums, and in a specially designed 400ml aerosol dispenser with non-flammable propellant and low dispersion vapour control nozzle.

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For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Use only as directed on the product label, or contact SwanTek on 01539 722247 for technical advice.

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