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'Technical help is superb and has solved many of our problems'

SwanTek® exists to meet industry's needs for specialist lubricants, chemicals and solvents with the highest standards of technical innovation.

This level of expertise offers all SwanTek clients the highest level of knowledge-driven technical support and services, provided by business managers who have become experts in their fields through direct problem solving experience with some of the world's leading manufacturers.

Free expert technical advice
Finding the optimum brand to meet your needs of effectiveness and economy.

For industrial process, maintenance and service product applications. Our team of experts has the practical expertise to provide you with cost effective industrial chemical, solvent and lubrication solutions.

Free expert testing of your materials at the SwanTek laboratory
Our knowledge at your service.

Free in-house process/material testing. SwanTek in house testing expertise includes NDT, wear control testing, and substrate compatibility testing to ensure your process problems can be solved with a proven brand system.

Oil Condition Monitoring
Saves you money on lubricants and maintenance

The oil condition monitoring service from SwanTek lets you tailor your lubrication schedule to your exact requirements. By monitoring wear patterns you get warning of premature equipment failure, saving expensive and inconvenient unscheduled maintenance.
Guidance on health, safety and environmental issues
Reliable, practical advice.

Regulations can be overwhelming. And with many companies downsizing their in-house technical departments, where can you turn for advice?

As a responsible supplier we will answer all your HSE questions clearly and simply to help you use SwanTek products in the safest possible manner.

Cutting edge innovation through bespoke formulating and manufacturing
We have a proud heritage of innovation to meet industry's needs. From non-flammable aerosols to environmentally better solutions. New brands for challenging tasks. We're here at your service.

Quality Assurance
SwanTek is fully accredited by BSI to ISO9001 to ensure the highest standards of product performance and operational efficiency for our customers. All products are batch traceable and conform to the latest regulations.