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OxyKlene Oxygen Standard Solvents
When youíre looking for the very best in high-precision cleaning you neednít look any further than our premium solvent range.

When a product is approved and used by the air and space craft manufacturing industry for cleaning jet and rocket engines then you can rest assured it works.

So when it comes to cleaning stubborn oils, greases, fluxes, adhesives, metalworking compounds, inks and resins to oxygen standard, then SwanSolv removes it all.

Whatís more, itís compatible with most metals and alloys, and approved by BOC for oxygen duty cleaning.
Non-flammable oxygen standard precision cleaning solvent, BOC approved
SwanSolv Ionic
Enhanced cleaning solvent, tested and O2 approved by BOC
SwanSolv Spray
Non flammable solvent spray - BOC approved
Fast evaporating oxygen standard solvent cleaner
Specialist solvent for fluorinated oils & greases