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Lubricant Aerosols
If you need your lubrication solution convenient, small and in a can, then SwanTek can hand it to you. Literally.

With a complete range geared to a wealth of different applications you’ll find your ideal solution right here - for all types of metal or plastic mechanism, chains, cables, gears and other moving parts, and with mineral, synthetic, PTFE, silicone, or dry film lubricating action.

We can even offer non-flammable propellant options for the ultimate safety in use.

(For other aerosol products see 'Engineering Aerosols').
Orbis Oil
Universal anti-stick PTFE and fine oil lubricant spray
High performance PTFE/silicone insulating lubricant spray
Highly versatile silicone lubricant spray
Non-flammable heavy duty silicone lubricant spray
PTFE Telomer Dry Lube
Fast drying PTFE lube spray
Chain, cable and wire rope lubricant spray
Polymer Chain Lube
Clean, clear, anti-fling chain lubricant spray
Open gear and wire rope lubricant spray
Silicone-free mould release spray