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Descaler and cleaner for aluminium, alloys and ferrous metals

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Aliglow is a non-hydrochloric blend of acid cleaners, specially formulated for descaling, cleaning and brightening aluminium, aluminium alloys and many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This versatile formulation is easier and safer to use than more corrosive acid cleaners, while still delivering a powerful cleaning action.


Ideal for rapid removal of oxidation, brake dust and traffic film from alloy or steel wheels, and plastic trim.
Cleaning manufacturing soiling from fabricated aluminium parts.
Descaling components in industrial manufacturing processes.

Key features

Quickly removes oxidation, industrial soiling, diesel stains, finger marks, brake dust and traffic film from metal surfaces.
Proven in use by many leading companies for it's ease of use, high performance and absence of acid fuming.
Economical to use: use neat for the most challenging jobs, or diluted up to 5:1 with water for economy.
Non-flammable, odourless and may be used in most application areas with relative safety.
NB: Not suitable for use on aircraft, magnesium alloys, or decorative anodised finishes.

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Aluminium cleaning
Dilute 5:1 with water. Apply to surface to be cleaned working from the bottom upwards.
Agitate with brush to remove loose dirt.
Rinse off with water
For more stubborn tarnishing increase the concentration of the solution or the contact time
Do not allow the product to dry on the surface being cleaned
Do not use on magnesium alloy or anodised surfaces

De-rusting ferrous metals
Ideally this process should be carried out in a fixed tank to allow maximum de-rusting penetration and the action of the phosphoric acid in the formulation to create an impervious phosphate coating to the treated metal(s). Can be used neat and cold or up to 5:1dilution with water dependant on application
Rinse off with water
Do not allow the product to dry on the surface being cleaned

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