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Korasilon M20
Silicone fluid - 20cSt

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Korasilon M series fluids are highly specified polydimethylsiloxanes, suitable for use in a wide range of specialised applications.

Korasilon M fluids are ideal 'drop-in' replacements for Baysilone M series fluids.

For full technical specifications and application information see the Korasilon M technical brochure.

Application as filling for mechanical parts

Damping fluid (e. g. for nautical or aeronautical instruments, compensators and shock absorbers, transducers)
Filling for gearbox-components (e.g. torsion dampers, visco couplers, speed governors)
Hydraulic fluid for shock absorbers, pumps or brake cylinders

Application as lubricating aid

Lubricant or assembly aid for plastic and rubber parts
Wear minimization for cutting tools
Component of silicon greases for the use with non-metal parts

Application as defoaming agent

Use as antifoam for non water based systems and preparations
Use as antifoam for petrochemical products or in the range of petrochemical processes
Component of antifoam compounds for the use in water based applications

Application as dielectric fluid

Since electrical properties of Korasilon M fluids remain highly independent over a wide temperature and frequency range, they are suited well for the use within:
Coolant for transformer, capacitors, magnetrons or high voltage tubes
Insulation fluid e.g. for cable termination boxes
Assembly aid and lubricant for cable systems

Application in care formulations

Part of polish or care formulations to improve shine and stain resistance
Component of cosmetic formulations [INCI-Name: Dimethicone]

Application as release agent

Release agent for different plastic and rubber products
Release agent for tire processing
Release agent for mineral parts like e. g. sand-cast, green-compacts etc.

Application in textile industry

Lubricant for fibre and yarn
Component of lubricating formulations
Part of formulations for surface modification of fibres or textiles e. g. soft touch

Application as paint additive

Additive to improve shine and slip
Additive to improve colour distribution

Application in plastic industry

Release agent for extrusion processes
Lubricant and release agent for wire and cable manufacturing
Release agent for moulds
Intrinsic lubricant for bearing material and gear box parts

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Use only as directed on the product label, or contact SwanTek on 01539 722247 for technical advice.

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