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MultiGrease 160
ICI spec lithium complex bearing grease

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Specially developed for ICI Plc under NERPS specification as their standard plant anti friction & plain Bearing Grease. Multigrease 160 shows exceptional stability performance giving a wide service operating temperature range of -20°C to +150°C continuous, and up to 180°C for short bursts

Multigrease 160 still conforms to the latest specifications and is approved by leading bearing manufacturers and automotive manufacturers for industrial and automotive use

- Good mechanical stability; good oxidation stability; good corrosion resistance
- Good load carrying properties.
- Good sealing properties
- Wide temperature range; good pumpability; impact resistance;
- Compatible with other lubricating greases.

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
SwanTek Industry Notes - Application of Bearing Lubricants. Ball & Roller Bearing Lubrication Made Easy

The Principles
Ball and roller bearings require very little lubricant. The principle of their design and the design of spaces around them (grease cavities) is to provide lubrication with a very thin film on the tracks and rolling elements.

This is provided by the oil that slowly bleeds from the grease in the cavities. It can be seen therefore that it is not necessary to have the bearing and cavities completely full. In fact, this can be disadvantageous on high speed bearings, since the grease will be continuously churned, which may well lead to overheating and excessive oil leakage from the bearing housing or even premature failure.

The only time that bearings and housing can be completely filled and kept full is when:
•Bearings are at slow speed.
•Sealing is poor.
•Conditions are very dusty.

Initial Greasing
•Wash off any corrosion preventive with a suitable solvent then dry. Care should be taken to ensure all parts are completely clean and grit free.
•The tracks, cage and rolling elements should then be lightly coated with grease and the bearing spun to distribute the grease.
•The remainder of the measured quantity of grease should be distributed in the housing or grease cavities, so that it is adjacent to the bearing. An approximate guide on initial fill quantities is given below (these can vary dependent upon bearing and housing design).

•Wipe the grease nipple or fitting to clean off any accumulated dirt or grit.
•Pump in the required quantity of grease as detailed below (a standard cartridge gun applies 1g of grease per shot), making allowance for any leakage at the nipple.
•Wipe the nipple clean.

Shaft diameter
Initial fill - 6g
Refill -2/3g
Initial fill - 12g
Refill -4/5g
Initial fill - 25g
Refill - 8/12g
Initial fill - 40g
Refill - 12/20g
Initial fill - 130g
Refill - 40/60g

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