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Engineer's miracle maintenance tool spray

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Use Aquatect wherever instant lubrication, cleaning, degreasing, penetrating and freeing, surface protection or water displacement is required. For use in thousands of applications in workshops, vehicles, maintenance shops, machine shops, production floors.


Restores function of damp affected electrical motors, relays, switches, generators, ignition systems etc.
Prevents moisture ingress on electrical fittings, connectors, control boxes etc.
Frees corroded nuts and bolts, scaffolding clips, boiler parts, exhaust clips, pipe joints and connections, machinery linkages, marine parts, flanges, cylinder head studs, locks and padlocks, suspension bushes, shackle pins, door hinges, and all rusted machinery and equipment.
Corrosion protection for stored parts and tools, and equipment exposed to dampness in use.
Lubrication of moving parts: metal and plastic gears, threads, linkages, slides etc.
Cleaning oil and grime from metal and plastic parts during maintenance and servicing.


Displaces moisture rapidly from electrical systems.
Penetrates deeply to free seized threaded connections, saving time and replacement costs.
Protects treated items from electrical shorting and corrosion by leaving a water repellent film.
Cleans oily dirt, tar spots, grease and general industrial soiling.

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Spray onto area or equipment from approx 15-30 cm, holding aerosol upright. Do not spray on naked flames or incandescent materials. Do not spray on short circuits where sparking is likely. DO NOT USE ON LIVE ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.

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