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Shell Lubricants
Whatever your oil or lubricant requirements, whatever your industry or application, Shell is the name you can trust.

We supply literally hundreds of specifically tailored Shell solutions. But even if your preferred product isnt listed here then we wont leave you high and dry well source it for you.
Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2
Heat Transfer Oil Operating Temp -10C to + 320C
Shell Aeroshell Turbine Oil 2
Mineral Turbine Oil
Shell Aeroshell Turbine Oil 308
Synthetic ester Turbine Oil
Shell Aeroshell Turbine Oil 560
Turbine Engine Oil
Shell Aeroshell Grease 6
General Purpose Grease Operating temperature range -40C to +121C.
Shell Rimula R3+30 (ex Rimula X 30)
Heavy duty engine lubricant
Shell Diala GX
Shell Turbo T100
Shell Corena D46
Shell Alvania EP (LF) 1
Shell Alvania WR2
Shell Donax TF
Shell Tonna S68
Shell Alvania RL2
High performance multi-purpose grease
Shell Hydrau HM 32
General Purpose Hydraulic Oil
CT 120 (Shell Sitala CE3402) Soluble Cutting Oil
CT 123 (Shell Sitala CE20) Metalworking Fluid
Shell Tellus S2 MX 68
Shell Vitrea 68
Solvent refined high viscosity index mineral oil
Shell Tivela GL00
Semi Fluid Grease 00 Suitable for high load and sealed for life gearboxes
Shell Ensis S
Shell Alvania RL3
Shell Callina CU 4200
Shell Adrana E4450
Sulphur and chlorine free for nucleur and aerospace use
Shell Clavus 68
High Quality refrigerator compressor oil
Shell Alvania HDX 2
High Temperature Grease
Shell Tellus T68
Multigrade hydraulic oil
Shell Malleus GL95
Full EP lubricant for the lubrication and protection of open gears and wire ropes
Shell Vitrea M150
Shell Universal Engine Oil 15W/40
High Performance diesel engine oil
Shell Albida RL2
Shell Cassida GL220
Shell Omala S4 GX 220
Premium Quality synthetic bearing and gear oil
Shell Omala S2 GX 220
Premium quality, lead free, extreme-pressure industrial gear oils
Shell Spirax A 80W/90
High performance axle oils