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Ataraxia Food Grade Lubricants
Looking for food grade lubricants that comply with industry standards without compromising performance? SwanTek have the answer.

Protect and preserve your machinery as well as your high standards with our unbeatable range. Its also perfectly suited to ancillary applications such as packaging manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, public/child accessible areas and environmentally sensitive sites.
Ataraxia ZX50
Universal food grade lubrication: -50C to 160C
Ataraxia XY100
Bearing, O-ring and general purpose clean lubricant: -40C to 160C
Ataraxia XX50
High temp bearing lube: -20C to 220C
Ataraxia XY50
Food grade assembly & anti-seize lubricant: -30C to 1100C
Ataraxia XW54 Spray
Food grade aerosol lubricant: -20C to 200C
Ataraxia XW150
Synthetic gearbox oil
Ataraxia ZH VHVI Hydraulic Oil
Food grade VHVI hydraulic oils: -20C to 150C
Ataraxia ZX PAO Hydraulic Oil
Food grade PAO hydraulic oils: -30C to 240C
Ataraxia ZXAL200
AirLine Lubricant: -20C to +150C