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Anti-Seize & Metalworking Lubricants
Theres simply no better protection against the corrosion, galling and seizing of metal parts than this premium range of lubricants.

We make the assembly and disassembly of threaded and non-threaded parts hassle-free - saving you time and money, and a lot of frustration.

We can also supply food grade, very high temperature and metal free lubricant options.
Copper anti-seize assembly compound: -20C to 1100C
Nickel anti-seize assembly compound: -55C to 1400C
Moly Assembly Grease
High MoS2 assembly, anti-scuffing and running-in lubricant
GraphTek 600
Graphite anti-seize, assembly and running-in compound: -30C to 600C
STD Metalworking Liquid
EP lubricant oil for cutting, tapping, drilling and reaming operations
Top quality cutting and tapping compound