SwanTek 'OxyKlene' brands approved by BOC Group

After comprehensive testing the SwanTek 'OxyKlene' oxygen standard cleaning solvent degreaser brands have been approved for use as cleaners/degreasers for oxygen standard cleaning in BOC Group and for BOC cleaning specifications.

This comes in addition to Air Products global accreditation of Swansolv Ionic and Swansolv spray for oxygen standard cleaning use. Additionally Swansolv spray has been tested and meets ASME Article 6 para T-641 solvent cleaner specification for pre-cleaning of pressure vessel components prior to non-destructive testing with dye penetrant.

Swansolv is the 'Original Oxygen Standard' brand formulated by SwanTek as a safer replacement to 1.1.1 trichloroethane and other chlorinated solvents. Not only is Swansolv safer, but it is also free from ozone depleting chemicals, CFCs and is non flammable, making it an ideal alternative. Suitable for use on most metals, alloys, and elastomers. Swansolv is a powerful industrial brand.

Swansolv Ionic is the premium, non-flammable 'OxyKlene' solvent giving that 'Extra Purity and Optical Wash' for critical area/parts cleaning. Swansolv Ionic has all the benefits of Swansolv, but has unique value added benefits when parts require cleaning to a high visual /UV light standard, working as an excellent solvent to remove acidic fingerprints and body greases. The special Swansolv Ionic azeotropic solvent blend also helps prevent formations of electrostatic surface charges on cleaned surfaces, which may be subject to soil and dust particulate attraction after cleaning.

Quickclean is a low toxicity, fast acting powerful degreaser ideally suited to cold cleaning. Quickclean removes even hard to clean bearing grease and open gear. Ideally suited for the removal of resin and flux residues from printed circuit boards and other electro-mechanical components. Removes most types of industrial soiling - waxes, tars, carbon etc - quickly and efficiently.

All SwanTek 'OxyKlene' brands are fast evaporating and leave no residue, essential characteristics in oxygen standard cleaning. The cleaners also provide superb results in general solvent cleaning throughout industry, even where oxygen standard results are not necessary. Within the 'OxyKlene' brands portfolio, there is the ability to clean all plastics, metals and elastomers, and remove a whole host of substances from solder and waxes to greases and oils.

SwanTek's innovative packaging solutions mean the range of 'OxyKlene' brands are available in flexible formats including bulk liquid, special nozzle aerosol spray and hand wipes.

For more information on SwanTek 'OxyKlene' brands, please feel free to contact SwanTek on:
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