SwanTek biodegradable solvent range set to take industry by storm!

A portfolio of safe solvents to meet most solvent cleaning needs.

BioSolvPrint-Solv BioRemov-it Bio
Non hazardous
Non flammable
Food grade
Landfill disposal
Aluminium safe
Cleaner/reviver of print blankets/rollers/plates
Styrene and plastics industry cleaner
Excellent adhesive remover

The solvents, chemicals and lubricants specialist SwanTek have added a third product to their range of biodegradable safe solvent cleaners: Remov-it Bio. Along with BioSolv and Print-Solv Bio, SwanTek believe they have a portfolio of safe solvents to meet most solvent cleaning needs.

Remov-it Bio is a new multi-purpose safe solvent which can remove a huge array of industrial substances, but most importantly and uniquely is totally safe to the environment and user.

With worker welfare and environmental safety being put increasingly higher on industry agendas, SwanTek feel the range they offer can be of great benefit to those in industry who want to move away from harmful solvent usage without compromising on cleaning effectiveness.

BioSolv is a food grade solvent which has found particular success in styrene and plastics sectors, while Print-Solv Bio has been specially targeted at helping offset, screen and security printers remove inks and paints from their equipment and facilities.

The launch of Remov-it Bio, which can tackle anything from resins to lacquers and adhesives, means SwanTek have a trio of safe solvents which in test conditions (AFNOR T90-312, ISO 7827, OECD 301A) showed 97% biodegradability at 18 days.

As well as being non-hazardous and non-flammable, SwanTek bio solvents contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) making them much safer not only to the environment but also to the workers who have to use them.

Safer solvents should be the future in industry and SwanTek hope to lead the way with an exciting bio solvent range.

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