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Powerful citrus fragrance cleaning power (perfumed - not food grade)

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Citrasolo is our premier performance, fresh citrus fragranced, cleaner and degreaser. Unique to SwanTek, it's a powerful blend of aqueous alkaline cleaning agents, surfactants, and emulsifiers.

The powerful, biodegradable, formulation instantly removes dirts, oils, greases and all manner of grime and soiling without hard scrubbing, mopping or agitation. Dirt simply floats away. Surfaces cleaned are always left sparkling clean. Stands head and shoulders above the rest - you don't need elbow grease with non-solvent, non-flammable Citrasolo.

Key applications

Powerful state of the art cleaning action removes the heaviest industrial soiling - instantly.
Deodorises previously contaminated areas.
Removes and degreases most industrial oils, greases, metal working fluids and coolants - mineral and synthetic.
Removes packing waxes and general factory soiling.
Removes contaminants from most washable surfaces quickly and easily.
Beats hard to shift soiling like mildew, cigarette smoke marks, tea stained ceramics, body fats, traffic dirts and long standing industrial grime.
Ideal multi-role cleaner - simplifies chemical use across your facility.

Key benefits

Powerful cleaning action works immediately - spray on and wipe off to leave a sparkling clean surface.
Easy cleaning action replaces elbow grease - reduces scrubbing and agitation, dirt just floats away.
Will not re-deposit dirt on cleaned surfaces - reducing extra cleaning and rinsing.
Multiple application methods - can be used in pressure washer, ultrasonic cleaning tank, mopping and spray cleaning.
Solvent free. Fume free. Fully water soluble.
Exceptional industry and application versatility - manufacturing, engineering, facilities management, healthcare, food & catering, marine, maintenance and servicing.
Outstanding value for money - still highly effective at 100:1 dilution in water.

Citrasolo is safe to use on

Stainless steel.
Most other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys (NB avoid use on aluminium and aluminium alloys).
Glazed and quarry tiles.
Glass and mirrors.
Washroom porcelain.
Enamels, plastic wallcoverings, vinyl surfaces and laminates.
Most plastics, elastomers and rubber components, sealants and gaskets.
Emulsion and gloss paints.
Stone and concrete (check inconspicuous area first).
All flooring, textiles and fabrics unaffected by water.

Environmentally better - by far

Citrasolo is classed as biodegradable.
Free from all 'endocrine interrupter' alkylphenols and their derivatives.
Not classified as Dangerous to the Environment.

Customer reviews

'Our Mortuary technician swears by your Citrasolo.' University Life Sciences Dept.

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Use with foam-head hand spray, wipe, mop/bucket, ultrasonic cleaning tank or dedicated dip tank. Can be used hot or cold. Do not allow to dry onto surface being cleaned.
Effective on stainless steel, ferrous metals, ceramic tiles, enamels, colourfast fabrics, standard matt and gloss paintwork, plastics, glass, concrete, most other hard surface materials, wood and floor finishes. If unsure always test a small unobtrusive area first before commencing cleaning. Do not use to clean aluminium or chrome.

Dilution rates
Light soiling: 1:100 dilution in water. 5L concentrate makes 500L RTU cleaning solution
Medium soiling: 1:20 dilution in water. 5L concentrate makes 100L RTU cleaning solution
Heavy soiling: 1:10 dilution in water. 5L concentrate makes 50L RTU cleaning solution
Routine maintenance: 1:200 in water. 5L concentrate makes 1000L cleaning solution

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