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Powerful washroom hygiene cleaner & descaler

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Blaze is the top quality, safe to use, economical and cost effective washroom cleaner/descaler/deodoriser specially formulated to replace many types of cleaners with one proven brand.

Blaze gives complete cleaning without hard scrubbing. Users of Blaze include sports & leisure centres, local authority cleansing departments, hospital trusts, hotels, caravan sites, restaurants, clubs, swimming pools, and nursing homes.


Specially formulated for the deep cleaning of all washroom fitments, quarry tile floors, stainless steel, showers, swimming pools and concrete floors.
Removes greases, body fats, and dissolves urinal scale, uric acid build up, algae, and organic matter (even in waste pipes) which cause hygiene problems.
Blaze removes odour and bacteria on contact - leaving all cleaned surfaces sweet smelling and clean.
Blaze incorporates a solubilising additive which helps eliminate uric acid build up waste lines.
Blaze can be used effectively in all water systems and septic tank systems with confidence.
Blaze leaves a refreshing fragrance which lasts on all cleaned surfaces.


As a total washroom cleaner for use on urinals, toilets, wash basins and showers Blaze is second to none.
As a deep cleaning agent for quarry tile floors, concrete floors, stainless steel, glazed and ceramic tiles Blaze restores surfaces like new.
As a preventative purge to ensure waste lines are kept free running and as a descaler for removal of limescale in hard water areas Blaze helps keep maintenance costs down.

For professional use only. The above information is given in good faith but without warranty and does not constitute a technical specification. For technical support and application guidance call 01539 722247. Technical specifications and certificates of conformity and analysis available on request.

Instructions for Use
Use only according to directions
Do not mix with other chemicals. Do not mix with Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach). Do not use in galvanized buckets. Do not allow to dry on to treated surfaces.
Always ensure cap is replaced and tightened after use.
Do not store in temperatures greater than 35C or less than 0C.
Do not store in chlorine plants or sodium hypochlorite (bleach) storage areas. Store away from children.

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